Item # 55396, Amana Tool Individual Straight Cutter for Finger Joint Assembly


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For joining wood end-to-end as well as edge-to-edge. Rout one workpiece face up, and the other face down. When the bit height is correct, the two pieces should slide together with their faces perfectly flush. The assembly includes five 2-wing finger cutters, one 2-wing straight cutter, a ball bearing guide, a 1/2" shank arbor, shims, spacers, and washers. The number of finger cutters used varies with the stock thickness; it can handle stock between 7/16" and 1 3/8" thick. For best results run at full speed in 1 1/2 horsepower table-mounted router. Includes full-color instructions.

CUTTER ONLY - Assembly sold separately (see below).

Cut Height /LengthN/A
Overall LengthN/A