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Freud Thin Kerf Rip Blades: Series LU87R

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Application: Heavy-Duty Ripping Blades for Underpowered Saws

This blade gives new life to underpowered table saws and radial arm saws because the thin kerf does not require much horsepower. The Perma-SHIELD® coating helps this blade pull 1/3 less on the saw, which translates to over 33% more cutting power. The ideal working range is from 3/4″ to 2 3/4″ thick.

Premium TiCo™ HI-Density Carbide Ripping Blend for Maximum Performance. Thin Kerf allows for faster feed rate and reduced waste. Positive Hook Angles for fast cutting and easy feeding in ripping applications.

Perma-Shield™ Non-Stick Coating reduces blade drag, protects the blade from corrosion and pitch build-up.

Ideal For: Heavy-Duty Ripping Blades For Underpowered Saws. Depth of cut (3/4″ to 2-3/4″).

TIP: Maintain a proper feed rate. Feeding too slow causes burning of the material. Feeding too fast can be dangerous and produces a poor dull cut.

Item # KerfDiameterArborBevelPlateTeethTypeManufacturer Price Add To Cart
Compare LU87R006M20 0.087160 mm20 mm10 deg.063 in14 ATBPerma-SHIELD™ - Ideal for Track SawsFreud Tools $37.12 Add to cart
Compare LU87R008 0.0878 in5/8 in15 deg.063 in22 ATBPerma-SHIELD™Freud Tools $48.24 Add to cart
Compare LU87R009 0.0949 in5/8 in15 deg.071 in22 ATBPerma-SHIELD™Freud Tools $51.92 Add to cart
Compare LU87R010 0.09410 in5/8 in15 deg.071 in24 FLATPerma-SHIELD™Freud Tools $52.62 Add to cart
Compare LU87R012 .09912 in5/8 in15 deg.07130 ATBPerma-SHIELD™Freud Tools $65.77 Add to cart

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