Amana Tool Hollow Ground 6° Negative Hook

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The specially designed saw blade makes exceptionally smooth cuts in melamine and other coated boards, without the need for scoring. The unique hollow grind, which pairs a triple-chip tooth with a raker tooth that’s ground to a concave profile, produces crisp clean cuts. The grind is commonly used in vertical panel saws, such as those made by Striebig® and Holz-Her®. The negative hook angle is particularly suitable for vertical panel saws.

Note: P.H. denotes pin-hole configuration, if applicable. Example: 2/10/60 = 2 @ 10mm dia on 60mm circle.

Warning: Before use, read saw blade safety guidelines in Amana’s catalog.

Item # DiameterBoreGrindKerfMachinePinholesPlateTeethManufacturer Price Add To Cart
Compare HG10480 10 in (253 mm)5/8 inHG0.1265/8 in--.087 in48Amana Tool $169.50 Add to cart
Compare HG10480-30 10 in (253 mm)30 mmHG0.126Holz-Her™2/7/42 & 2/10/60.087 in48Amana Tool $169.50 Add to cart
Compare HG12600-30 12 in (303 mm)30 mmHG0.126Holz-Her™2/7/42 & 2/10/60.087 in60Amana Tool $200.33 Add to cart