Amana A.G.E. Series Plastic Saw Blades: M-TCG Grind

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Plastic Cutting Saw Blades.

Designed for smooth, chip-free cutting of plastics. Higher tooth count blades will work better in thicker material. These saw blades are also suitable for crosscutting, trimming, and mitering wood, and are excellent for cutting plywood, laminate on particleboard and plastic laminate flooring.

Warning: Not recommended for cutting non-ferrous alloys.

Item # BoreGrindKerfPlateTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare MD7-402 0.118 in0.078 in40 $64.58 Add to cart
Compare MD7-602 0.118 in0.078 in60 $87.00 Add to cart
Compare MD8-642 0.098 in0.071 in64 $80.74 Add to cart
Compare MD220-642-30 30 mm0.126 in0.079 in64 $89.70 Add to cart
Compare MD10-802 0.098 in0.071 in80 $98.66 Add to cart
Compare MD12-962 0.125 in0.1 in96 $116.63 Add to cart
Compare MD14-102-30 30 mm0.145 in0.118 in108 $188.40 Add to cart