Mastercut Tool 4 Flute Upcut Combination Spiral (High Speed)

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Material Finish-Top: Poor
Material Finish-Bottom: Excellent

Spiral flute router bits should only be used in automatic feed operations. They’re good for use on all materials.

Upcut routers are used when a good bottom finish is desired on the material. Chips flow in an upward direction.

Endmill Points are most often found on 3 and 4 flute routers. They’re good for achieving a smooth finish on a flat bottom surface, and are commonly used in the plastic routing industry.

Item # Cut Height/LengthDiameterEnd Pt TypeFlute GeometryFluteHelix AngleOverall LengthShank Price Add To Cart
Compare 820-002 1 1/8 in1/2 inEndmillUpcut430º3 1/2 in1/2 in $154.67 Add to cart
Compare 820-004 1 5/8 in1/2 inEndmillUpcut430º4 in1/2 in $166.14 Add to cart
Compare 820-006 2 1/8 in1/2 inEndmillUpcut430º4 1/2 in1/2 in $201.99 Add to cart
Compare 820-008 2 1/8 in5/8 inEndmillUpcut430º5 in5/8 in $257.76 Add to cart
Compare 820-010 2 1/8 in3/4 inEndmillUpcut430º5 in3/4 in $360.88 Add to cart