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Solid Carbide Router Bits

Straight Flute vs. Spiral Routers:

Straight flute router bits are generally used for routing plastics and other soft materials. They are a great choice for hand feed operations. Spiral flute router bits should only be used in automatic feed operations. They are good for use on all materials.

Crescent Points are typically found on 1 flute router bits. They are good for both plunging and flat bottom cutting. Plunge (Fishtail) Points are the most commonly seen end points in the wood router industry. They are perfect when a rigid plunge point is required. Endmill Points are most often found on 3 and 4 flute routers. They are good for achieving smooth finish on a flat bottom surface, and are commonly used in the plastic routing industry.

Flute Types:

1 Flute routers are a good choice for soft materials. They provide a good finish, and are capable of faster feed rates.
2 Flute routers work well with harder materials, providing an excellent finish to the material.

Upcut, Downcut, and Compression Bits:

Upcut routers are used when a good bottom finish is desired on the material. Chips flow in an upward direction.
Downcut routers produce the best finish to the top of the material. Chips flow in a downward direction.
Compression routers are best used when both top and bottom finish are important. They are best used with material that has laminate on both the top and bottom. Chips flow in a sideways direction.

Cutting Edge Tolerance: +.000-.003
Shank Tolerance: h6

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