Amana Tool 45° Miter Joint Under-Cut Assembly 4-Wing with "Ultra-Glide™" Ball Bearing Assembly

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Eliminate that dark line at the edge of a counter or other laminate-covered surface. With this bit assembly, the laminate cemented to the substrate can be trimmed and mitered in one pass. Then a pre-mitered edging strip can be applied. The resulting seam is clean and crisp. Not intended for use in a laminate trimmer.

A – Laminated top is “undercut”
B – Apron laminate is pre-cut at 45°
C – Adhere pre-cut laminate for a perfect fit. A fine file may be used to remove the sharp edge after joining
Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthOverall LengthShankWingsAngle Price Add To Cart
Compare 55314 1 3/8 in1/4 in2 3/8 in1/2 in4-Wing w/ "Ultra-Glide™" Ball Bearing Assembly45 º $61.16 Add to cart
Compare 55312 1/4 in2 3/8 in1/4 in45 $61.16 Add to cart