Techniks Retention Knobs for CNC Routers

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•All mating surfaces precision ground
•Manufactured to the highest standards for maximum safety and long life
•Hardened for maximum longevity

Our pull studs are manufactured with the best steel that ensures minimum wear and guarantees a tough inner core that resists the normal wear and tear caused by a CNC machine. Please make sure that the Retention Knob you order is the correct one for your machine. Using the wrong Retention Knob can cause damage to your machine spindle, the tool holder, and may cause a safety hazard.


Item # LengthType Price Add To Cart
Compare 750-19 Length 43mm Length l1 23.4mm Length l2 18.2mmBT30 KOMO $46.00 Add to cart
Compare 49001-45 Length 44mm Length l1 24mm Length l2 19mmColumbo 30-Ball RS Spindle $32.00 Add to cart
Compare 49019 Length 44mm Length l1 23.9mmHSD ISO30 $33.00 Add to cart
Compare 4403502 Length 43mm Length l1 28mm Length l2 22.5mm $48.00 Add to cart
Compare 49001 Length 44mm Length l1 24mm Length l2 19mmColumbo ISO30 Billet Spindle $20.00 Add to cart