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  1. New! Amana Tool CNC In-Presta™ Straight Plunge High Production Router Bit

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    Amana Tool In Presta Router Bit

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    New! Amana Tool CNC In-Presta™ 3 Flute Solid Carbide Cutting Edge Straight Plunge High Production Router Bit.

    Up to 800 inches per minute!* For cutting 3/4″ material thickness in one pass. 3-Flute for improved surface finish. Only 1/4″ diameter equals minimal material waste.

      • Use a three-flute bit where fine finish is paramount. Three flutes balance the bit, eliminating vibration that degrades the cut finish. Three cuts per revolution yield a smooth surface and increased feed rates. 45408-3 features a solid carbide cutting edge.
      • Excellent for nesting and grooving at an extremely fast feed rate, which increases cost savings.
      • 1/4″ cutting diameter CNC nesting router bit with solid carbide cutting edges brazed into steel 1/2″ shank.
      • The unique design contributes to superb performance and excellent cutting results.
      • Designed primarily for high speed CNC production.
      • Long lasting, fine micrograin extra hard carbide results in long tool life before re-sharpening.

    Amana Tool Straight Plunge Router BitExcellent for Cutting:

    Laminated Particle Board, MDF & Melamine: Feed rate up to 800 IPM** at 18,000 RPM***
    Plywood: Feed rate up to 500 IPM** at 18,000 RPM***

    *Up to 800 IPM feed rate at 18,000 RPM cutting laminated particle board. Rate may change depending on material and CNC machine type.

    **IPM: Inches Per Minute

    ***RPM: Revolutions Per Minute


    Fusion 360 compatible tool file for 45408-3 available for download, CLICK HERE.



    For more, refer to our CNC Manual. 

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