Item # RM-550, Amana Tool Carbide-Tipped General Purpose 5-3/8 / 5-1/2 Inch Dia x 30T ATB, 5/8 Bore


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This carbide-tipped trim saw blade is the ideal upgrade (or replacement blade) for Makita and other brands of portable trim saws. The alternate top bevel grind ensures high-quality crosscuts in solid wood and sizing cuts in plywood.

Fits Makita 5 1/2" saw, and others. Comes with two adapter bushings: one for 1/2" arbor and one for 10mm arbor.

Replacement bushing #BU-110 (5/8" x 1/2" ), #BU-125 (5/8" x 10mm).

Bushings & Stabilizers available.

Warning: Before use, read saw blade safety guidelines in Amana's catalog.
Diameter5 3/8 / 5 1/2 in
Bore5/8 in
Note*Fits Makita 5 1/2 in saw, and others.
Plate.052 in