Item # I-10-510, Freeborn 3-Piece Dedicated Profile Insert Cutters: 3/4" to 7/8" Material, 4-1/2" OD, 3-1/2" Minor Dia, 1-1/4" Bore


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New 3-piece insert cope and pattern sets to allow easy fit adjustment.

Two-piece cope head with shims allow you to adjust your fit.

Common minor diameters & vertical profile centering eliminate need to adjust spindle height or fence position when switching from cope to pattern cuts.

Heads will accept both square and eased edges.

Tips available in carbide and t-alloy.

Two-piece insert sets available by special order.
4" diameter for Unique 250/265 available by special order.
5.5mm x 1/2" tongue available by special order.
2-piece insert sets available by special order.

Freeborn Cutters come loaded with a set of inserts. Replacement tips are sold separately.
Bore1 1/4 in
Material Thickness3/4 in - 7/8 in
Minor Diameter3 1/2 in
Outside Diameter4 1/2 in
Tip/PointFreeborn Insert Replacement Tip IC-000-CTS, IC-510-CBS, IC-510-PS
Tongue1/4 in x 1/2 in
ManufacturerFreeborn Tool

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