Item # H-VS120, Her-Saf V-Groove Router Bits


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Shank is not included

Insert V-cutters are balanced for the smoothest possible cut. The custom precision ground insert has two cutting edges. Each cutter is complete with an insert and hex key. The hex key is for removing the screws, which secure the insert and assists in removing the cutter from the arbor.

These V-cutters use only the #INSERT-V30 insert. The body sizes of these cutters start at 1 1/4" diameter for the #H-VO90 and go up to 2" diameter for the #H-V170. We recommend that only a 1/2" shank or larger be used with these cutters.

The small body V-cutters have 1" diameter bodies. The small body V-cutters use the #INSERT-VS15 custom ground insert, except the #H-VS060, which has a single-edge custom insert #INSERT-VS15/60.

Shank is not included. One insert is included with body.
No. of Sides$69.50
Overall Length$69.50

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