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Item # DWW400XSBC01F, Diablo Tools 4 in. X-LOCK Carbon Steel Stringer Bead Twist Wheel

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Diablo’s X-LOCK wire brushes and wire wheels are specifically designed for the X-LOCK portable tools. Diablo’s wire brushes are an excellent choice for removing base coatings in surface preparation for new coatings or bead weld cleanup and deburring.

Up to 5X faster wheel changes vs. standard angle grinder mount
No extra parts needed to attach to X-Lock grinder—simply snap onto or pull lever to release from X-Lock grinder

Cup brushes & wire wheels are not backwards compatible.

Ideal For: Preparation & Polishing Metal Surfaces

Suggested Projects: Bead weld preparation, Pipelines and pipe fabrications, Brushing expansion joints and narrow grooves.
ManufacturerDiablo Tools
MaterialStringer Bead Twist/Carbon Steel Wire
Style20 Gauge
TypeWire Wheel for prep & polishing metal surfaces