Item # CBS1050, Everlast 10" 50-Tooth 5/8" Bore 15° Hook .087 Plate 0.125 Kerf Combination Saw - Alternate with Raker


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An excellent all around saw ideally suited for the small woodworking or cabinet shops where one saw is used for all different types of cutting. It can be used for ripping or cross cutting in solid woods, particle board, plywood, or laminated panels.

Alternate with Raker - AR - Similar configuration to ATB, but every fifth tooth is a raker, which assists in reducing cutting pressure and material tearing during cutting. Can be used for rip cutting and cross cutting in a variety of hard woods, soft woods, plywood, and chipboard. This tooth configuration can be produced in a 2+1 or 3+1 design upon request.
Diameter10 in
Bore5/8 in
Kerf0.125 in
Plate0.087 in

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