Item # 47638, Amana Tool 10mm Shank Dowel Drill/Boring Bit Adapter for CNC Standard Collet/Tool Holder


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Made especially to run 10mm shank dowel drills and boring bits on a CNC machine. Accommodates the flat area on the 10mm round drill bit shank, secure with the 2 set screws (M6), same method as on boring machines.

Total Indicated Run-out (TIR) is 0.00118" (0.03mm) Note: When securing drill bit into the adapter, make sure to align the flat part of the shank with both set screws.

Warning: Max RPM = 10,000
Diameter (D1)10 mm
Length1 1/16 in Body Length
ManufacturerAmana Tool
Overall Length2 5/32 in
Shank1/2 in