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Item # 46120, Techniks PowerCOAT Ultra High-Speed 35mm ER20 Nut - Torque 59 ft/lbs


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PowerCOAT nuts greatly reduce friction between the nut, collet shoulder, and tool holder threads to increase down-force on the collet, collapsing tighter around the tool shank. This improves holding power and runout (T.I.R.). Better T.I.R. means cutting is faster and smoother, and tool life is also improved.

-40% more holding power than bearing nuts.
-Better rigidity and T.I.R. (runout).
-Balanced to 25,000 RPM

PowerCOAT Nuts outperform bearing nuts!

-Rubber bearing seals on bearing nuts eventually fail, and then dust contaminates bearings to make them freeze up.
-Uncoated threads limit holding power.
-Bearing nuts cannot be balanced because they have moving parts so cutting tools wear prematurely.

CNC Routers run better with PowerCOAT!

Cut Height/Length
Overall Length
Specs-MiscER20 high speed slot nut Max Speed 60,000
Thread Size/LengthM25x1.5
List Price$72.00