Amana Tool Insert Carbide Spoilboard Surfacing, Rabbeting, Flycutter, Slab Leveler & Surface Planer 2+2 Flute Design

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Insert spoilboard, planing, and rabbeting router bit features unique 2+2 insert knife design. Contains two cutting flutes and two up-shear scorers, which provide a smoother finish at the bottom of the cut than traditional two-knife style router bits. Excellent results in MDF, balsa core, hardwood, softwood, and all man-made materials. A great tool for fast removal of materials over a large surface area. The scorer leaves an improved finish at the bottom of the cut. Utilizes 4-sided carbide inserts.

TIP!: To produce MDF simulated shaker cabinet doors use RC-2250 or RC-2252. Square corners with #45200 straight plunge router bit.

Designed for planing & rabbeting the following materials:

  • Balsa Core*
  • Hardwood/Softwood*
  • Chipboard/Plywood*
  • MDF
  • Plastic*
  • Fiberboard

*For optimal results and maximum insert life, replace inserts with optional general purpose knives; sold separately.

Warning: Proper torques rating to tighten down screws is 2-3Nm Torques.


  • 2+2 design
  • 4-sided solid carbide insert knives
  • Exclusive carbide grade for highest quality of cut
  • Maximum cutting efficiency
  • Faster material removal process
  • Longest tool life

 Torx key #5005 included

These industrial router bits feature solid carbide insert knives with four cutting edges that allow users to flip the knife over when one side becomes dull, providing the highest-quality finish available on woodworking tools.

Recommendations: For surfacing solid woods it is recommended to remove both bottom scorers.

Proper torques rating to tighten down screws is 2-3Nm Torques.

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