Freud 3/4" Stock Male & Female Cabinet Door Cutter Set

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Freud’s Shaper Cutters and Performance System® Cutters are recognized for their versatility, quality, and innovation. Freud offers the flexibility to choose from a premium cutter that fits every need. The conventional fixed wing shaper cutters and Performance System Cutters with re-sharpenable inserts both feature Freud’s exclusive TiCo™ Hi Density Carbide, Kickback Reducing Design, Shear Angle, and Multi-Axis grinding.

These male and female cutter sets are perfect for the high production needs of a cabinet or door shop. Shims are included to ensure perfectly fitted joints through many sharpenings. Each cutter is balanced, and has thick carbide tips for maximum sharpening life.

Item # BoreCut DepthCut Height/LengthNo. of PiecesRadius Price Add To Cart
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