Freud Quadra-Cut™ Raised Panel Cutter for Double-Sided Panels

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Freud’s exclusive Quadra-Cut™ Raised Panel Cutters produce raised panels that are glass smooth, even on cross grain, with no splintering at the top of the profile edge. Freud’s engineers have set two wings to do the main cutting of the profile, while two others cut the top part of the profile. As seen in the illustration, the large wing is set at a slightly positive hook angle (A), and a positive shear angle (B). This slices the wood from the main part of the profile (C), leaving a glass smooth finish. The two smaller wings, set at a steep positive hook angle (D), are sized so the outside diameter is slightly larger than the large wings (E). These small wings are also designed with a negative sheer angle (F). This allows the small wing to cut the vertical part of the profile with a down slicing action (G), pushing down all the wood fibers at the top of the panel and cleanly slicing them off. This leaves none of the fuzz associated with standard three-wing cutters.

This Quadra-Cut™ raised panel cutter is ideal for double-sided raised panel interior and exterior doors.

4 wings

EOASAW - Freud Quadra-Cut™ Raised Panel Cutter

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