Freud Drawer Lock Cutters

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Freud’s Shaper Cutters and Performance System® Cutters are recognized for their versatility, quality, and innovation. Freud offers the flexibility to choose from a premium cutter that fits every need. The conventional fixed wing shaper cutters and Performance System Cutters with re-sharpenable inserts both feature Freud’s exclusive TiCo™ Hi Density Carbide, Kickback Reducing Design, Shear Angle, and Multi-Axis grinding.

Designed for 1/2″ and 1/4″ thick stock, these cutters provide a strong joint for drawer fronts. Run the drawer face flat on the shaper table, and the drawer sides vertically on the fence. Once correct setup is attained for drawer front, height of cutter does not need to be changed to run drawer sides.

3 Wings

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Compare EC240 3/4 in1/8 in33/64 in $170.88 Add to cart
Compare UP240 1 1/4 in1/8 in33/64 in $170.02 Add to cart