Freeborn (3 Cutter Set) Single Tongue and Groove Lock Mitre Cutters (1-1/4" Bore Pro-Line)

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Counterclockwise rotation only. Mini-Pro is made to run only on 3/4″ spindle.

Material to 1-1/8″.

Part A and B are both run flat in horizontal position on shaper table. Part B is run again on table saw to cut groove. Grooving blade to cut Part B is NOT included in the set.

GCS-0806-1/4″ Table Saw Groover available in Carbide only as a stock item for $276. Use this groover on your table saw to cut part “B” as shown. 8″ diameter. 6 wing. Alternate shear face. 1/4″ cut. 5/8″ Bore. Please contact us for more information.

Pro-Line cutters

  • 3 wing
  • 5-3/8″ diameter
  • 1-1/4″ bore
Item # BoreDiameterMaterial ThicknessStyleWings Price Add To Cart
Compare PC 28-020 1-1/4 in5 3/8 in 1 1/8 in1-1/4 in Bore (Pro-Line)3 $395.08 Add to cart