Amana Tool V-Paneling 2-Piece Sets

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‘V’ paneling is a quick and easy way to add architectural detail to any room. These two-piece sets are perfectly matched so that you can shape precisely-milled paneling strips in any wood species.

Item # BoreCut Height/LengthDiameter (D1)Diameter (D2)Specs-MiscAngle Price Add To Cart
Compare 938 1/2 in & 3/4 in29/32 in2 1/4 in1.5 inV-paneling 2-pc set with 1/4 inW & 3/8 inD Tongue & Groove45 $205.28 Add to cart
Compare SC640 1/2 in & 3/4 in3/4 in1 1/8 inV-paneling Cutter Set45 $135.86 Add to cart
Compare SC642 1/2 in & 3/4 in1 in2 inV-paneling Cutter Set45 $155.33 Add to cart