Amana Tool Profile Pro™ Insert Shaper Cutter System

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Designed for professionals, the Profile Pro™ Universal Shaper Cutter System features over 135 different interchangeable steel knife patterns ranging from molding to joinery to door sets, which can all be used with a single cutterhead. Blank (unground) knives are also available for custom patterns.

The Profile Pro™ features a unique system of fixed steel pins (A), screws (B), and a wedge block (C) that simultaneously indexes and secures the knives (D) to the head (E)—refer to image below for A-E. This enables fast, accurate set-ups and eliminates the tedious task of adjusting the knives. This type of system also offers greater safety over other types of cutterheads.

The Profile Pro™ cutterheads are 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm black-oxide finished solid steel or 68mm, 88mm, 100mm, and 120mm anodized lightweight aluminum alloy. The steel cutterheads are recommended for heavy duty type shapers with 3 horsepower or more. The aluminum heads, which are 60% less weight than their steel counterparts, are recommended for all spindle shapers, especially smaller machines with 2 horsepower or less.

When selecting the diameter, choose a cutterhead that will properly fit within the table insert rings of your shaper. The diameters shown are for the head only, so you must add from 14mm to 38mm to the diameter to allow for the knives. Example: Cutterhead #61100 or #SCS-1000 (88mm) with #64F000 straight knives (add 14mm) = 102mm total outside diameter.

Four popular profiles. Now available carbide-tipped.