Amana Tool Flooring Set w/Nail Slot for 5/8" to 3/4" Material

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Build your own wood floors with this matched shaper cutter set, which ensures perfectly aligned tongue and groove flooring strips. The unique rounded edge created by these cutters makes flooring fast and easy to install, while the nail slot helps prevent splitting.

Item # BoreCut Height/LengthDiameter (D1)Radius Price Add To Cart
Compare SC453 7/8 in2 21/32 in1/8 in $186.60 Add to cart
Compare SC450 1/2 in & 3/4 in7/8 in2 25/32 in1/8 in $247.28 Add to cart
Compare SC451 1 in & 1 1/4 in7/8 in2 13/16 in1/8 in $282.56 Add to cart