Tenryu Steel-Pro® Select Series

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Low RPM Dry Cut Saws. Circular Saws.

The Steel-Pro® Select is Tenryu's 2nd generation of mild steel cutting carbide-tipped saw blades—Quieter!

These blades are designed to cut mild steel as Steel-Pro® blades do, but cut quieter than Steel-Pro® and last longer as well.

Each Blade Features:
-Exclusive, two-ply plate design for self-dampening and low noise operation
-Individually hammer-tensioned steel plates for true run
-Touch C-6 carbide for impact resistance and long cutting life
-Unique tip design and geometry for smoother and easier cuts
-Inserted teeth with chip limiting steel support for added durability and safety

Steel-Pro® Select blades, when used for the proper application, will save time and can outlast abrasive discs up to 30 to 1.

Note: Please note all safety instructions before use and adhere to instructions for maximum RPM speeds.

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Compare PRF-18538DS TCG0.07938 $60.80 Add to cart
Compare PRF-18548DS TCG0.07948 $62.40 Add to cart
Compare PRF-25550DS TCG0.09150 $120.96 Add to cart
Compare PRF-30560DS TCG0.09460 $120.00 Add to cart
Compare PRF-30580BWS MTCG0.09180 $188.80 Add to cart
Compare PRF-35572DS TCG0.09472 $152.00 Add to cart
Compare PRF-35590BWS MTCG0.09190 $206.40 Add to cart