Tenryu Industrial Series for Non-Ferrous: Specialty Grind for Thin Stock

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Tenryu introduces a unique grind of non-ferrous cutting blades for very thin stock, such as picture frame moulding, radiator fins, or other thin-walled aluminum extruded materials.

The regular Industrial Series for Non-Ferrous blade has the anti-noise and anti-vibration design. However, this specialty thin stock non-ferrous cutting blade series performs even quieter and with less vibration. There is almost no deformation of the material after cutting and much less high pitch noise during the cut.

Item # DiameterApplicationArborGrindKerfRakeRPMTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare IA-25596BX1 10 inFor chop/miter/radial arm saw5/8"MTCG0.094-5587096 $123.20 Add to cart
Compare IA-300108BX3 300 mmFor chop/miter/radial arm saw30mmMTCG0.110-55100108 $144.00 Add to cart
Compare IA-305108BX1 12 inFor chop/miter/radial arm saw5/8"MTCG0.110-55000108 $144.00 Add to cart
Compare IA-305108BX2 12 inFor chop/miter/radial arm saw1"MTCG0.110-55000108 $144.00 Add to cart