Tenryu Industrial Series for Heavy Gauge Aluminum

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-Thin kerf and low tooth count design for fast and clean cutting on heavy stock 
-TCG (Triple Chip Grind) for efficient cutting on heavy tube, channel, plate, etc.
-Great for heavy duty aluminum fabrication, such as shipbuilding, oil field services, industrial staircases, platforms, mezzanines, etc.
-Recommended for over 1/4” wall thickness

Item # GrindKerfTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare IA-18542DN TCG Triple Chip Grind0.087 in42 $48.48 Add to cart
Compare IA-20348DN TCG Triple Chip Grind0.087 in48 $55.36 Add to cart
Compare IA-25548DN TCG Triple Chip Grind0.094 in48 $68.32 Add to cart
Compare IA-30556DN TCG Triple Chip Grind0.094 in56 $86.40 Add to cart
Compare IA-35564DN TCG Triple Chip Grind0.118 in64 $108.80 Add to cart