Tenryu Heavy Metal Plus Series

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Circular Saws. Low RPM Dry Cut Saws.

Specially engineered alloy teeth provide exceptional cut-life and lowest cost per cut in the most demanding applications.

The Heavy Metal Plus Series is an evolution of the Heavy Metal Series in that it features the same super thin kerf and grinds as the Heavy Metal Series but as well features our specially engineered alloy cutting tips to further extend cut life in heavy load applications.

Note: Please note all safety instructions before use and adhere to instructions for maximum RPM speeds. Always wear eye protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 requirements and properly functioning upper and lower guards.

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Compare HMC-18036BW MTCG0.07336 $51.84 Add to cart
Compare HMC-18536BW MTCG0.07336 $51.84 Add to cart
Compare HMC-20342DM TCG0.06542 $69.12 Add to cart
Compare HMC-20342BW MTCG0.07342 $69.12 Add to cart
Compare HMC-23048BW MTCG0.07348 $72.64 Add to cart
Compare HMC-30554DX MTCG0.08754 $133.12 Add to cart
Compare HMC-35566DX MTCG0.08766 $144.00 Add to cart