Tenryu Ultimate Trim Saw Blade Series

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Circular Saws.

Silencer body—laser cut, resin-filled slots for less noise and less vibration.

PTFE-coated plate—reduces pitch buildup and lowers resistance.

Great for finish carpentry with trim saws.

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Compare SL-11040C ATAF0.06340 $31.20 Add to cart
Compare SL-11542C ATAF0.06342 $31.20 Add to cart
Compare SL-14042C ATAF0.06342 $31.20 Add to cart
Compare SL-15248C ATAF0.06348 $32.96 Add to cart
Compare SL-16552C ATAF0.06352 $34.56 Add to cart
Compare SL-18560C ATAF0.06360 $36.32 Add to cart