Tenryu Silencer Series Saw Blades

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Miter Saws. Circular Saws.

Smoother cuts. Cleaner Edges. Quieter Cutting. Longer Sharp Life.

Unique ATAF shear face grind for fast and long lasting cuts. Dampened laser cut plate for less vibration. Great for sliding compound miter saw.

Each Blade Features:
-Vibration dampening system featuring patented Tenryu resin bond-filled laser cut body slots.
-Meticulous, hand-hammered plate tensioning for a flatter blade and truer cuts.

Item # DiameterApplicationArborGrindKerfManufacturerRakeRPMTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare SL-16552 6 1/2 inExtra smooth crosscutting with corded or cordless saws5/8" KOATAF0.063Tenryu18925052 $29.44 Add to cart
Compare SL-18552 7 1/4 inExtra smooth crosscutting with corded or cordless saws5/8" KOATAF0.063Tenryu18830052 $29.44 Add to cart
Compare SL-21660 8.5 inExtra smooth crosscutting with miter saws5/8"ATAF0.079Tenryu5700060 $46.40 Add to cart
Compare SL-25540 10 inGeneral purpose; fast cutting; good for thick stock5/8"ATAF0.098Tenryu5587040 $51.84 Add to cart
Compare SL-25560 10 inGeneral purpose woodworking5/8"ATAF0.098Tenryu5587060 $60.48 Add to cart
Compare SL-25572 10 inTenryu's signature 10" silencer blade for all purpose5/8"ATAF0.110Tenryu10587072 $69.12 Add to cart
Compare SL-25580 10 inFinish crosscutting on wood5/8"ATAF0.091Tenryu5587080 $72.64 Add to cart
Compare SL-30540 12 inGeneral purpose; fast cutting; good for thick stock1"ATAF0.098Tenryu5500040 $67.68 Add to cart
Compare SL-30560 12 inGeneral purpose woodworking1"ATAF0.098Tenryu5500060 $72.64 Add to cart
Compare SL-30580 12 inFinish crosscutting on wood1"ATAF0.091Tenryu5500080 $86.40 Add to cart
Compare SL-305100 12 inTenryu's signature 12" Silencer blade for super clean cuts1"ATAF0.091Tenryu55000100 $98.56 Add to cart
Compare SL-26072 260 mmSignature Silencer blade for general purpose woodworking30mmATAF0.110Tenryu1072 $88.00 Add to cart