Tenryu Pro Series Saw Blades for Wood

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Table Saws.

Tenryu’s superior quality line for professional craftsmen.

Laser cut, press tempered, individually hammer tensioned, and chrome-plated body bring the cutting edge to the workpiece with unparalleled precision. Fine grain carbide tips have the tooth configuration to do the job right. Pro Series blades are also made to handle non-ferrous metal cutting, plastics, or solid surface materials. These blades are made to satisfy the most demanding craftsman.

Each Blade Features:
-Fully hardened, expertly tensioned tool steel body for true and accurate cuts.
-High grade, fine grain, C-3 wear-resistant carbide tips for long life.
-Fine grit honing of carbide edge for clean, smooth cuts.
-Resin bond-filled expansion slots act as built in dampeners—keeps your cuts quiet and the saw’s plate vibration-free!

Compare Tenryu’s chip-free performance—Tenryu blades offer chip-free work in many laminates, even on the bottom of 2-sided laminate.

Reduced vibration results in extended life of tip edge. Note the comparison of a standard blade to Tenryu blade (see images; result shown is after cutting 4.3 miles of particle board).

See our Tenryu Industrial Blades for extra heavy duty blade choices.

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