Tenryu Miter-Pro Plus Series for Miter & Slide Miter Saws

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All the features of the Miter-Pro Series PLUS added technological improvements to make them better and more heavy-duty than ever.

-Finest and smoothest cuts ever on your miter or radial arm saws
-Best suited blade for the latest Slide Miter Saws as well as traditional Miter Saws
-Negative rake angle tooth design (-3°)—for finer cuts in thin or brittle material
-Reduced tendency to grab materials as they are cut
-Additional resin-filled silencing slots in plate eliminate troublesome vibration for smoother cuts, reduced noise, and longer sharp life.

See our Tenryu Industrial Blades for extra heavy duty blade choices.
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Compare MP-255100AB ATAFR0.11100 $153.60 Add to cart
Compare MP-30560AB ATAFR0.11860 $131.20 Add to cart
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Compare MP-355100AB2 ATAFR0.118100 $216.00 Add to cart
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