Tenryu Mel-Pro Series Hi-ATB Melamine & Veneer Plywood Cutting Blades

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Table Saw. Miter Saw.

Each Blade Features:
-Hi-ATB design with negative (-5°) rake angle tooth geometry—NO TEAR OUT!
-Traditional full kerf, “European-Style” blade design.
-C-4 hardness, super-fine grain, anti-corrosive carbide tips for the keenest edges and extended sharp life.

Premium, Industrial Hi-ATB Series Features:
-Specially developed, top-grade, super-fine grain carbide tip.
-Additional “resin-filled” laser cut body slots succeed in vibration dampening to an even greater extent.
-Exhaustive hand-hammered plate tensioning assures truer and smoother cuts.
-Longer lasting than our economy series
See our Tenryu Industrial Blades for extra heavy duty blade choices.

Item # DiameterApplicationArborGrindKerfRakeRPMTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare ML-21060H 8 1/4 inPremium Hi-ATB saw blade for 8 1/4" table saws5/8 inHATB0.118-5730060 $147.20 Add to cart
Compare ML-25580H 10 inChip-free cutting of double-sided low-pressure laminate5/8 inHATB0.118-5587080 $172.80 Add to cart
Compare ML-255100H 10 inEspecially good for thinner stock5/8 inHATB0.118-55870100 $190.08 Add to cart
Compare ML-30580H 12 inChip-free cutting of double-sided low-pressure laminate1 inHATB0.126-5500080 $193.60 Add to cart
Compare ML-305100H 12 inEspecially good for thinner stock1 inHATB0.126-54700100 $211.20 Add to cart
Compare ML-355100H 14 inChip-free cutting of double-sided low-pressure laminate1 inHATB0.126-54700100 $241.60 Add to cart