Tenryu Industrial Blade Series for Miter Saw: Wood

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Table Saws. Miter Saws. Radial Arm Saws.

Tenryu’s European industrial quality line for heavy duty applications.

Each Blade Features:
-Select grade of carbide tip for better performance
-Large European style tips
-Heavy, European plate-style resists deflection during cutting
-Resin bond, laser slots to absorb and eliminate vibration to produce a cleaner, quieter, more efficient cut
-Excellent blade life

Item # DiameterApplicationArborGrindKerfRakeRPMTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare IW-25540CB1 10 inFast cutting with miter saws5/8 inATAF0.0915587040 $56.00 Add to cart
Compare IW-25560CB1 10 inGeneral purpose woodworking w/miter saws5/8 inATAF0.0915587060 $68.80 Add to cart
Compare IW-25580CB1 10 inFinish cutting with miter saws5/8 inATAF0.0915587080 $83.20 Add to cart
Compare IW-30540CB2 12 inFast cutting with miter saws1 inATAF0.0945500040 $68.80 Add to cart
Compare IW-30560CB2 12 inGeneral purpose woodworking w/miter saws1 inATAF0.0945500060 $80.00 Add to cart
Compare IW-30580CB2 12 inFinish cutting with miter saws1 inATAF0.0945500080 $96.00 Add to cart