Tenryu Festool Kapex® Series

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Choose the right blade for your KAPEX®
•Unique tooth geometries provide optimum cutting results over OEM offerings
•Resin-filled laser cut slots reduce cutting noise and vibration
•Diameter and arbor specific for perfect fit

Item # DiameterApplicationArborGrindKerfRakeTeethType Price Add To Cart
Compare MP-26080AB 260 mmFinish/trim cutting with fewer knife marks for smooth surface30mmATAFR0.110-380Miter-Pro $155.20 Add to cart
Compare SL-26072 260 mmSignature Silencer blade for general purpose woodworking30mmATAF0.1101072Silencer for Wood $88.00 Add to cart
Compare IW-26080AB3 260 mmUltimate trim cutting; great for small/thin/tall molding30mmATBR0.096-580Trim Cutting $120.00 Add to cart