Tenryu Cord-Free Series Saw Blades for Wood

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Battery Powered Saw.

First and most complete line of premium saw blades made especially for cordless saws. When it comes to accessory blades, the growth in the cordless saw industry has created a void with the cord-free series—TENRYU has filled the void.

Each blade features:
-Ultra-thin, perfectly tensioned steel plates for true run. This saves precious battery power and life.
-Precision honed, high-grade carbide for easy, smooth cuts and long life.
-Tooth configuration to meet specific cutting material and thickness applications.

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Item # GrindKerfTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare CF-08520 ATB0.03920 $14.72 Add to cart
Compare CF-13530W ATAF0.04730 $14.72 Add to cart
Compare CF-14036W ATAF0.06336 $24.96 Add to cart
Compare CF-15218W ATAF0.06318 $21.76 Add to cart
Compare CF-15236W ATAF0.06336 $24.96 Add to cart
Compare CF-16516WB ATAF0.05916 $12.16 Add to cart
Compare CF-16524W ATAF0.05924 $20.00 Add to cart
Compare CF-16524WB ATAF0.05924 $15.04 Add to cart
Compare CF-16540W ATAF0.05940 $23.36 Add to cart
Compare CF-16540WB ATAF0.05940 $19.04 Add to cart