Tenryu Coated Silencer Series Saw Blades

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Coated Silencer Series for Miter/Slide Miter Saws

-Anti-friction PTFE coating for easier feeding and less binding
-Hardened slick surface for preventing pitch build-up
-Silencer series signature anti-noise and anti-vibration plate with resin-filled slots

Coated Silencer Series for Table Saws

-Full kerf (.126″) or intermediate kerf (.110″)—the choice is yours
-Unique intermediate kerf (.110″) for easier feed, less material waste, and great for under-powered table saws (portable)

Item # DiameterApplicationArborGrindKerfRakeRPMTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare SL-25572C 10 inTenryu's signature 10" Silencer blade for all purpose with coating5/8 inATAF0.11010587072 $74.40 Add to cart
Compare SL-25580C 10 inFinish crosscutting on wood5/8 inATAF0.1105587080 $77.76 Add to cart
Compare SL-30580C 12 inFinish crosscutting on wood1 inATAF0.1065500080 $91.20 Add to cart
Compare SL-305100C 12 inTenryu's signature 12" Silencer blade for super clean cuts with coating1 inATAF0.10655000100 $103.68 Add to cart
Compare SL-25550C 10 inSuper smooth and quiet planer combination blade; full kerf (.125")5/8 inATBR0.12615587050 $64.00 Add to cart
Compare SL-25550TC 10 inSuper smooth and quiet planer combination blade; intermediate kerf (.110")5/8 inATBR0.11015587050 $59.20 Add to cart