FS Tool Industrial Quality Hollow Face Saw Blades: Inverted "V"

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FS Tool’s offering of industrial saw blades represents the state of the art answers for today’s woodworking cutting applications on North American and European machinery. Our product offering is the largest of its kind. Each saw blade has been developed to fulfill a specific cutting application. Each model has been developed with its own grades of materials (carbide and saw plate), its own cutting geometry (grind, hood angle, kerf), and its own operational enhancements (copper noise reducing plugs, cooling slots).


  • Tooth configuration: inverted “V” (face hollow-ground)
  • Cutting Material: TC
  • Expansion slots: Cu Plugged


  • For exceptionally smooth cuts (on both sides) in melamine and other laminated panels without the need for pre-scoring
  • For mitre cuts in wrapped styrene picture frames
  • On table saws, sliding table saws, mitre saws, and vertical panel sizing saws
Item # DiameterBoreKerfMachineManufacturerPlateTeethPinholes Price Add To Cart
Compare L42220-H 220 mm30 mm3.2 mmHolz-Her, StriebigFS Tool2.2 mm42pin holes 2/7/42 $192.36 Add to cart
Compare L42250 250 mm5/8 in3.2 mm--FS Tool2.2 mm48-- $201.08 Add to cart
Compare L42251 250 mm30 mm3.2 mmHolz-Her, StriebigFS Tool2.2 mm48pin holes 2/7/42 $201.08 Add to cart
Compare L42300-58 300 mm5/8 in3.2 mmPistoriusFS Tool2.2 mm60-- $276.32 Add to cart
Compare L42300 300 mm1 in3.2 mm--FS Tool2.2 mm60-- $247.60 Add to cart
Compare L42350 350 mm1 in3.2 mm--FS Tool2.2 mm72-- $198.28 Add to cart