Freud Solid Surface Blades: LU95M/LU95R Series

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Application: Heavy Duty Solid Surface Blades for Swirl & Burn-Free Cuts

This blade features teeth with a specially designed triple chip grind for leaving swirl-free cuts in solid surface materials such as Dupont®, Corian®, Wilsonart Gibralter®, and SSV Fountainhead®. The laser-cut anti-vibration slots reduce the sideways movement of the cutting edge against the solid surface material, dramatically extending cutting life. With this ultimate solid surface blade, there is no need for stabilizers.

Premium TiCo™ HI-Density Carbide Plastic Blend for Maximum Performance. Thin Kerf allows for faster feed rate and reduced waste. Laser-Cut Anti-Vibration Slots drastically reduce vibration and sideways movement in the cut, extending blade life and giving a crisp, splinter-free flawless finish. Silver Ice™ Coating resists corrosion and pitch build-up; Perma-Shield® Non-Stick Coating reduces blade drag, protects the blade from corrosion and pitch buildup.

Ideal For: Solid surface materials such as Dupont® Corian®, Wilsonart Gibralter®, and SSV Fountainhead®. Depth of cut (1/4" to 1-5/8").

Tip: Proper blade height on a table saw is one half of the carbide tip higher than the material to cut.

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Compare LU95M010 0.126 in0.087 in72 MTCG $142.10 Add to cart
Compare LU95R010 0.126 in0.087 in72 MTCG $148.13 Add to cart
Compare LU95R012 0.126 in0.087 in84 MTCG $157.53 Add to cart
Compare LU95R014 0.138 in0.098 in96 MTCG $190.48 Add to cart
Compare LU95R008 0.126 in0.087 in60 MTCG N/A Add to cart