Freud Industrial Plastic Blades: LU94M Series

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Application: Plexiglas & Plastics

This industrial blade cuts acrylics, polycarbonates, and other plastics, which leaves a smooth finish without melting. By combining micrograin carbide tips with a specially modified triple chip grind, these blades will give a clean smooth cut. These blades produce less heat to keep the cut edge crisp.

Premium TiCo™ HI-Density Carbide Plastic Blend for Maximum Performance. Modified Triple Chip Grind (MTCG) Tooth Design enables material to remain cool while cutting, eliminating melting. Negative Hook Angle produces a superior finish without grabbing the material. Silver Ice™ Coating resists corrosion and pitch buildup.

Ideal For: Plexiglas and Plastics. Depth of cut (1/4" to 1-5/8").

Tip: For best results, set your saw so that the blade is exposed only enough that one half of a carbide tip protrudes beyond the material to be cut.

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Compare LU94M008 0.11 in0.087 in64 MTCG $73.81 Add to cart
Compare LU94M010 0.11 in0.087 in80 MTCG $104.81 Add to cart
Compare LU94M012 0.11 in0.087 in96 MTCG $157.28 Add to cart
Compare LU94M014 0.11 in0.087 in108 MTCG $165.72 Add to cart