Freud Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blades: LU80R Series

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Application: Flawless Finish in Veneered Plywood, Melamine, Laminates for Virtually Chip-Free Cuts

The LU80 saw blade provides flawless, chip-free edges in veneered plywoods, fine moldings, melamine, laminates, and crosscuts in solid woods. Using advanced technology, Freud developed this line of saw blades that features laser-cut, anti-vibration slots that practically eliminate the vibrations that resonate in standard blades. The combination of High ATB tooth design and anti-vibration slots make these blades the ultimate finish blades. The result is a cut so smooth, it eliminates the need for a stabilizer or a scoring blade!

Perma-Shield™ Non-Stick Coating reduces blade drag, protects the blade from corrosion and pitch buildup.

Ideal For: Flawless Finish In Veneered Plywood, Chip Board, Melamine & Laminate. Depth of cut (1/4″ min to 1-5/8″ max).

Tip: When you need a smooth finish on both sides of plywood or laminate, use a zero clearance insert or blade with Hi-ATB teeth.

Item # DiameterArborKerfPlateTeethTypeManufacturer Price Add To Cart
Compare LU80R010 10 in5/8 in.126 in.087 in80 Hi-ATBPerma-SHIELD®Freud Tools $111.93 Add to cart
Compare LU80R012 12 in1 in.126 in.087 in96 Hi-ATBPerma-SHIELD®Freud Tools $173.18 Add to cart