Freud Specialty Blades (for Non-Ferrous / Plastics / Corian®)

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Application: To size single or multiple panels.

Machines: Vertical Sizing Machines, Streibig, Holtz-her, Elcon, others, various table saws and chop saws.

Features: Negative hook angle and high tooth count with MTCG Grind for flawless cuts and non-melt in plastics.

: Corian®, Plastic materials, man-made composites, and Non-Ferrous coated materials and Non-Ferrous crosscutting or chopping.

Item # DiameterGrindArborHook AngleKerfPlateTeethPinholesManufacturer Price Add To Cart
Compare LCL7M10017 220 mmMTCG30 mm- 3 deg0.126 in (3.2 mm)2.2 mm642/7/42 + 2/9/46.4 + 2/10/60Freud Tools $125.75 Add to cart
Compare LCL7M10018 254 mm (10 in)MTCG1 in- 3 deg0.126 in (3.2 mm)2.2 mm80--Freud Tools $135.42 Add to cart
Compare LCL7M10022 305 mm (12 in)MTCG1 in- 3 deg0.126 in (3.2 mm)2.2 mm96--Freud Tools $146.10 Add to cart