Freud Industrial Countertop Cutting Blades

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Application: To size counter tops.

Machines: Counter Top Saws, Radial Arm Saws, and Sizing Saws.

Features: Designed for a smooth cut on HPL Coated Counter Tops and other applications requiring a chip-free cut.

: Coated Particle Board, HPL, MDF materials and LDF materials.

Silver ICE™ Coating prevents buildup on the blade surface and keeps the blade running cooler and cleaner.

Item # GrindKerfPlateTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare LCL7M10023 4+1 RKR4.4 mm3 mm100 $169.49 Add to cart
Compare LCL7M10015 4+1 RKR4.4 mm3 mm110 $246.83 Add to cart
Compare LCL7M10016 MTCG4.4 mm3 mm84 $145.55 Add to cart
Compare LCL7M10014 MTCG4.4 mm3 mm100 $235.80 Add to cart