Freud® Saw Blades to Cut Multi-Material: Series LP91M

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To cut iron profiles, tubing, and angles with a thickness up to 3.2mm

Machines: Portable machines and miter saws
Features: Flat triple-chip tooth
Material: Bilaminated, chipboard, MDF, plywood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, plexiglas, and plastic materials

Laminates & wood composites: High
Veneered: High
Non-ferrous metals: High
Ferrous metals: High
Plexiglas & plastic materials: High
PVC: High
Solid surfaces: High
Edge of Arlington Freud saw blade diagram 

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Item # PlateTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare LP91M001P 1.6 mm30 N/A Add to cart
Compare LP91M002P 1.6 mm38 N/A Add to cart
Compare LP91M003P 1.6 mm40 N/A Add to cart
Compare LP91M004P 2 mm44 N/A Add to cart
Compare LP91M005P 2 mm48 N/A Add to cart
Compare LP91M006P 2 mm80 N/A Add to cart