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Freud® Saw Blades for Industrial Machines: To Cut Solid Surfaces

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Saw blade optimized to cut solid surface boards.

Machine: Sliding table saws, miter saws.
Features: The special double triple-chip tip grind and the thickness of the plate allow for the best quality of cut in solid surface applications. Moreover, they guarantee a longer lifetime versus standard saw blades, despite the highly abrasive material to be cut.
Material: Solid surfaces. Corian boards and similar materials.

To peruse more comprehensive information on Freud® Tools Industrial Circular Saws—correct saw blade use, informational tips, technical information—click on the link to Industrial Saw Blades Catalog.

Item # DiameterArborKerfPlateTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare LU4D01 250 mm30 mm3.2 mm2.5 mm80 $115.76 Add to cart
Compare LU4D02 300 mm30 mm3.2 mm2.5 mm96 $128.63 Add to cart
Compare LU4D03 350 mm30 mm3.5 mm2.8 mm108 $191.07 Add to cart

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