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Freud SD600 Series Stacked Dado Sets

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Whether you’re a skilled professional or a weekend hobbyist, Freud has a dado for you. The SD608, Freud’s Dial-A-Width Dado, has a patented dial system for easy and precise adjustments while offering extremely accurate cuts.

Application: Chip-Free Grooves in Veneered Plywoods & Laminates

The Dial-A-Width Dado set performs like a stacked dado, but we have replaced the shims with a patented dial system, and, our exclusive dial hub ensures accurate adjustments. Each “click” of the dial adjusts the blade by .004″. The Dial-A-Width dado set is easy to use, and very precise. For the serious woodworker there is nothing better.

-Adjusts in .004″ increments
-Maximum 29/32″ cut width
-Adjusts easily to right or left operating machines
-Set includes 2 outside blades, 5 chippers, wrench, and carrying case
-Does not need shims

Cuts clean flat-bottom grooves in materials such as: laminates & melamines, solid woods, veneered plywood.

Item # DiameterArborTeethThicknessManufacturer Price Add To Cart
Compare SD606 6 in5/8 in20(4) 1/8", (1) 3/32" ChippersFreud Tools $302.97 Add to cart
Compare SD608 8 in5/8 in24(4) 1/8", (1) 3/32" ChippersFreud Tools $347.20 Add to cart

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