Freud SD500 Super Dado Sets

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Application: Chip Free Dadoes in Veneered Plywoods & Laminates

The SD500 Series cuts everything from veneered plywoods and laminates to solid wood. Chip- and splinter-free with a super smooth, flat bottom. The SD500 Series dado sets were the first to include a 3/32" thick chipper and has the flexibility of an adjustable dado to handle today's undersized plywood.

This allows the cut width to be adjusted in 1/32" increments and doubles the number of slot widths available. A shim set is also included with the dado set for fine adjustments. Use on all table saws and radial arm saws for cutting slots, grooves, dadoes, and rabbets in softwood or hardwood.

Set includes 2 blades, shim set, and 6 chippers.

Freud Replacement Parts/Shim Sets

Item # GrindAdditional DetailTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare SD506 (4) 1/8 in, (1) 3/32 in, (1) 1/16 in Chippers20 $234.56 Add to cart
Compare SD508 (4) 1/8 in, (1) 3/32 in, (1) 1/16 in Chippers24 $265.78 Add to cart
Compare SD510 (4) 1/8 in, (1) 3/32 in, (1) 1/16 in Chippers32 $311.24 Add to cart
Compare SD512 (4) 1/8 in, (1) 3/32 in, (1) 1/16 in Chippers36 $344.61 Add to cart