Diablo Hole Saw Pilot Bits

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Diablo’s new, high performance hole saws deliver faster cutting performance and increased productivity. Unlike anything on the market, Diablo’s hole saw system and mandrel design simplify the attachment process for fast and efficient hole saw mounting. These radical new hole saws provide ultimate cutting length to bore deeper holes in a single pass, tool-free plug ejection, and Variable Tooth Design for faster cuts.

60mm (2-3/8 in) cutting depth for deeper holes in one pass and increased productivity. Snap-Lock™ mandrel system for a quick and easy change with no down time. Mandrel fits all Diablo hole saws, from 5/8 inch to 6 inches in diameter. Tool free plug ejection for fast material removal. Variable Tooth Design provides faster cuts with less vibration.

Item # DiameterLengthPack QuantityShank Price Add To Cart
Compare DHS4BITII DHS4BITII4 in11/4" $3.72 Add to cart
Compare DHS4BITCB 9/32 in4 in11/4" Hex $5.60 Add to cart
Compare DHS4BITCT 9/32 in4 in11/4" Hex $7.80 Add to cart