Diablo® Tools PERGOblade Saw Blades

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Diablo’s new PergoBlades are the first blades specifically designed for cutting laminate flooring in a chop saw application. This radical new design delivers 75 times the cutting performance compared to a carbide-tipped saw blade. This blade is the only approved blade by the Pergo brand for cutting their material. Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tooth with unique tooth geometry delivers unmatched cutting life. Hi-tech anti-kickback design re-enforces the tooth for longer life. Laser-cut anti-vibration design reduces vibration and stabilizes blade.

Item # DiameterArborHook AngleKerfPlateTeethPack Quantity Price Add To Cart
Compare D1012LF 10 in5/8 in10 deg.087 in.063 in121 $81.59 Add to cart
Compare D1216LF 12 in1 in10 deg.087 in.063 in161 $103.04 Add to cart
Compare D0708LF 7 1/4 in5/8 in10 deg.071 in.051 in81 $61.81 Add to cart