Everlast MICRO-5 Double Face Laminate Saws - 30º ATB

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The perfect saw for cutting double-sided materials such as Melamine, Kortron, and Veneer. Can be used on radial or table saws. Extra hard MICRO-5 tips last 3-5 times longer than normal carbide.

High Alternate Top Bevel - Hi ATB - Identical configuration to ATB, but each tooth has top bevel of 30 degrees or more. The greater angle can cause faster wearing/dulling. Combine with Micro-5 carbide to increase time between sharpenings. Ideal for cutting of laminated materials. Provides a fine cutting finish with proper sharpening. An Alternate Face Bevel (AFB) can be added to this design upon request.

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Compare DFL25080 TC450.115 in0.087 in80 $225.68 Add to cart
Compare DFL2206430 0.115 in0.087 in64 $173.14 Add to cart
Compare DFL1080305 5/8 in0.115 in0.087 in80 $145.00 Add to cart
Compare DFL3001030 0.115 in0.087 in100 $227.62 Add to cart
Compare DFL1210305 1 in0.125 in0.095 in100 $259.43 Add to cart